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Apartment 1.
General informations:

- Location: Punat, island Krk
- Accommodation type: 1/2+2****
- Max. nummber of persons: 4
The apartment contents :

- bedroom
- Kitchen / Living room
- Bathroom / WC
Photos of the apartment

Detailed description

Kitchen/living room:
Kitchen utensils and tableware according to the number of persons, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine

Number of bedrooms: 1
Total number of beds in rooms: 2
Number of twin beds: 1
The extra bed is situated in the living room (for two persons)

Complet bedclothes and towels (changing every 7 days, towels every 3 days)

Number of bathroom with shower: 1
Contents: shower, sink, hot wather, toilet
Devices in the apartment:

- Air conditioner
- TV Sat
- Wi-Fi internet connection

- Parking place for your car
- Grill
- Terrace
Punat, island Krk
Punat, island Krk
Punat is a small town situated on the east coast of Puntarska draga (Puntar Bay), on the south coast of the Island of Krk, only 8 km from the Town of Krk. Signs of inhabitation have been observed since the prehistoric times, including Illyric, Greek and Roman eras. It is believed that the name Punat originates from the Latin word Pons, meaning bridge, because a bridge once possibly existed here, connecting the narrow passage into Puntarska draga from the south. The name itself was first mentioned in written documents in 1377. Find out more!


Islet Košljun

Islet Košljun, island Krk
Only 750 meters from Punat lies the islet of Košljun. It is known for the Franciscan monastery where the monks have collected and preserved numerous valuable items for centuries. The islet has a museum with an ethnographic collection containing numerous items produced by Krk fishermen and farmers, as well as folk costumes from across the Island of Krk. The monastery also owns a rich zoological collection consisting of a large seashell collection and unique animal specimens, such as the one-eyed lamb. The monastery also has a rich library with around 30,000 titles. It includes the Ptolemy’s atlas printed in Venice in 1511 (one of the three preserved copies).a. Find out more!

You are here: Homepage > Apartments > Apartment 1.

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