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Punat, island Krk
Welcome to the Mediterranean, to Punat on the Island of Krk. The Island of Krk is the northernmost island in the Mediterranean and the closest one to the European continent. The close proximity of European centers (Ljubljana 180 km, Vienna 550 km, Budapest 530 km, Munich 600 km, Milan 550 km), accessibility any time of the year whether by air, road or sea, and the mild Mediterranean climate make this island an ideal holiday destination. Make your long-desired dream come true here, in the shade of olive and fig trees, with Mediterranean cuisine and a clear blue sea. The healthy food and healing olive oil will make you vigorous, the clean sea and sandy beaches will make you strong, and the golden sun will make you beautiful… Are you still thinking about it?!


The small town of Punat is situated in one of the most-protected bays on the Adriatic Sea, a paradise for navigators and surfers in Punat Bay on the south side of the Island of Krk, between the blue sky and sun-bathed olive groves. As one of the newest settlements on the island (the earliest written records date back to the year 1377), Punat features seaside architecture with distinctive doorways, stairways and the Vela Placa and Mala Placa squares as the former town center. The development of Punat expanded the old town core with new buildings surrounded by gardens, olive groves and landscaped areas exuding the aromas of Mediterranean vegetation. in addition to the popular marina, most of the credit in punat's promotion goes to the islet  of Košljun situated in the very heart of Punat Bay-it was discovered when the members of the Austrian imperial family visited there back in 1826. The high-quality extra vergine olive from Punat is one of the essential products supplementing the tourist offering, becoming increasingly appreciated thanks to the Days of Olives event, a gastronomic & business project.



The islanders do not need lessons in healthy food, which becomes clear when you glance at a menu. Fish, sheep cheese, lamb, asparagus and olive oil – need we say more? Healthy food has been part of the traditional lifestyle in the area, available to you as well. Seafood restaurants, a la carte restaurants, inns, taverns, grill patios, pizzerias and small bistros, almost each of them situated by the sea or providing a view of the bay, offer a diverse choice of food.
Gastronomy in Punat
The islanders' food relies on sea and seafood. Fish and seafood specialties are prepared in a variety of ways: boiled, roasted, brodetto-style, grilled or in salads… always spiced with original extra-quality virgin olive oil of Punat, which has made Punat a renowned olive-growing center. Handmade pasta Šurlice is a local specialty, normally prepared for formal occasions such as weddings. If you prefer meat, we recommend the lamb and sheep cheese from Stara Baška. Of course, all these delicacies should be accompanied with the popular quality local wine.

Cultural haritage

Only 750 meters from Punat lies the islet of Košljun. It is known for the Franciscan monastery where the monks have collected and preserved numerous valuable items for centuries. The islet has a museum with an ethnographic collection containing numerous items produced by Krk fishermen and farmers, as well as folk costumes from across the Island of Krk. The monastery also owns a rich zoological collection consisting of a large seashell collection and unique animal specimens, such as the one-eyed lamb. The monastery also has a rich library with around 30,000 titles. It includes the Ptolemy’s atlas printed in Venice in 1511 (one of the three preserved copies). The monastery is a zero category monument. There are two churches on the islet – the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary’s Annunciation and the Church of St. Bernard. It takes around two hours to see the whole islet, but there are no catering facilities there
Cultural haritage



Punat, and especially Stara Baška, is known for its natural beaches either situated in the immediate vicinity of the town or accessible by boat only. The town beach in Punat is suitable for children and seniors and seniors with its accesses to the sea, shallow water and protective barriers for the bathers. The area called Punta de Bilj, situated at the entrance to Punat Bay, offers gravelly beaches where bathers will always be able to find their spot and spend their leisure time in the catering facilities or fill it with sporting options available on the beach (aquagun, beach volley, parachuting, etc.).
The area called Punta de Bilj at the entrance to Punat Bay offers gravelly beaches where a bather will always find their spot. As for leisure time, you can spend it in one of the catering facilities or use the sporting facilities offered on the beach (aquagan, parachuting, beach volley, etc.). The beaches between Punat and Stara Baška, with secluded sandy beaches and clear sea, will be more interesting to guests coming to Punat by boat. These beaches are also reachable by a taxi boat from the port. Peace and quiet of intact nature prevails here. Make sure you take a swim in the early morning, when the first sunrays shine upon the crystal clear sea. An unforgettable experience.


Culture & entertainment
Culture & entertainment It is always merry in Punat, thanks to the daily events. The entertainment events at the beginning of the tourist season have been associated with the International Regatta CROATIAN CUP for twenty years – it is traditionally held in late May, concurrently with the beginning of the art exhibition season in Toš Gallery, going on until the olive harvest in late October. The Summer Events include the promenade concerts given by harmony-singing groups, majorettes and brass bands on the quay, classical music concerts on the islet of Košljun and in the Parish Church, folklore evenings featuring culture & art associations from Croatia and abroad, theater plays and harmony-singing groups' concerts on Placa Square, public festivals such as fishermen's nights, summer carnivals and „barufe va dragi“, and pop music performances including the summer guitar school.


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